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This Week's Market Highlights:


Welcome Back!

This week's offerings are off-the-charts wonderful. And so good for you! Of course, there's Classic Kraut. But if you want to go a little crazy, try some Banh Mi Pickles or Rockin' Moroccan Za'atar Kraut! They even have kombucha SCOBY so that you can ferment your own delicious booch at home!
This Week's Market Highlights
Need a little spice in your life? Try the brand new Vegetable Tom Yum Soup from TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS! This Thai-style soup features tons of fresh summer veggies simmered in vegetable broth with coconut milk and tomatoes. It's a "truly scrumptious" vegan option! And look for some returning favorites, too!
There are all kinds of gorgeous hydroponic greens available this week from RAIN OR SHINE GREENHOUSE GARDENS, including arugula, endive, mizuna, and lettuce. And there's basil, too!
Check out OLIVE OIL TAPROOM for some great olive oilselections. Fabulous on summer vegetables! And what about some aged balsamic vinegar for a simple fruit salad? Go simple and you simply can't go wrong!
It's easy to create a beautiful--and delicious--plate when you choose items from MANAKINTOWNE SPECIALTY GROWERS. This week, there is the usual bounty of gorgeous, fresh produce--including squash blossomscippolini onionsand a variety of crunchy, colorful radishes.
If you're looking for farm-fresh eggsISLAND FARM has a gracious plenty. And they have some beautiful microgreens, too!
There's so much early summer goodness coming in that we can't possibly list it all here. But you can explore the buying pages and discover it for yourself.


& There's So Much More!