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Thursday, September 24th, 2020. 




 Welcome to the Market!

Did you know that apple cider will freeze beautifully? Just be sure to open it and pour a little out so that the container can expand in the freezer without exploding! (This is your chance to give it a taste test.) You can freeze your cider in the original container, or pour it into smaller containers. Just leave some headroom! Pull it out and thaw it when you're ready to enjoy it.
Look for fresh apple cider this week on the pages for Thistledowne Farm, Drumheller's Orchard, and Agriberry 
Mother Shrub is fully restocked! Just a splash of any delicious shrub in some seltzer water makes for a healthy, refreshing sipper. We combine the black cherry and the lime, with a twist. Great for cocktails, too!
Verde Natural Florals has porch-perfect fall mums. Yellow and rust!
Drumheller's Orchard is in full apple season mode this week, with just-pressed unpasteurized apple cider. And there are five varieties of apples on the list this week: early Fujis, Galas, Jonathans, Jonagolds, and honeycrisp.
Truly Scrumptious has Basque chicken this week. Serve with a side of saffron rice with currants
A snap in the air means it's time for hot chocolate, and Clean Conscience Chocolates has the best ever. Their sipping chocolate beats all we've ever had. Seriously!
Cumberland High School Agriculture still has a few gorgeous red geraniums left! Beautiful blooms over the winter in a sunny window!
Have you tried the 12-year aged peach balsamic vinegar from Olive Oil Taproom? It's time!
Check Island Farms for fresh eggs, green beans, green bell peppers, and bok choy
The arepas from My Empanada are a family-pleaser! And add the delicious alfajores for dessert!
Looking for Shishito peppersBibb Forest Farm has 'em! Plus jalapenos, Bullhorns, and Buena Mulatas!
Beautiful aloe and jade plants are available from Steve's Succulents.
If peppers are your "thing," try the sweet snacking peppers from Thistledowne FarmSummer and winter squash are in, plus Ginger Gold apples!
It's fall! Time to get cozy with a handmade apple harvest scented soy candle from Three Hens Candle Company
It's time to talk TURKEY!
 Misty Morning Sunrise Farm has free-range Broad-Breasted Whites, raised on non-GMO feed. Plus turkey hearts, gizzards, and livers. And Fido will be happy to hear that the turkey-feet dog treats are back, too! (Buy your turkey now and tuck it in the freezer for Thanksgiving!)
Stay tuned for more Turkey Talk!
We'll soon be posting about putting deposits on holiday birds from our producers.
And so much more!!