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Ground Chuck Buy 4 get 1
Grassbelly Farm

Chipotle Pickled Okra
Trio of Pickle Juices
Farmstead Ferments



3 New Mushroom Teas!
Chamomile, Mint, Reishi Mushroom & Tumeric Tea
Hibiscus, Turkey Tail Mushroom, Hardy Orange, Mint Tea
Green, Hibiscus, Maitake, Rosehips, Elderberry Tea


Re-Useable Canvas "From the Farm" Gift Basket
Misty Morning Sunrise Farm


Holiday Variety Box
River City Bakery


Frozen Blueberries
Russet Potatoes
Thistledowne Farm


Milky Oats Tea
For nervous stress, insomnia, exhaustion & anxiety
Verde Natural Florals


Chicken Legs, Wings, Breasts
Peacemeal Farm


Sage/Cedar Spray
Helps "clear" a space of negative energy
Verde Natural Florals


Vegan Soap - Morning Walk
Trail's End Farm


A Manakintowne Year 2019 calendar
& Holiday Local Selection Box



Baked Stuffed Brie
Crab & Artichoke dip
Spinach Bacon Dip
Truly Scrumptious

Spiced Shrimp
Cocktail Shrimp
Crab Cheeseball
Smoked Salmon Dip
Chesapeake Bay Hot Crab Dip
Xactly Wright Seafood



Short Bread Cookies
Double Chocolate Biscotti
Ginger Cookies
Great Harvest Bread Co

Chocolate Chocolate Chip NoGrain Muffins
Gourmet Granola
Misty Morning Sunrise Farm

Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
Apple Dumplings
Berry Jam Thumbprint Cookies
River City Bakery

Hubs Chocolate-Covered Peanuts



Create gift baskets, bags or boxes for your favorite people with products from your favorite producers


For People Who Love to Cook
Sweet or Savory, give them some fun items for experimenting in the kitchen.

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt
Herb Dip Mixes
Forrest Green Farm


Olive Oil & Vinegar Sampler Pack
Olive Oil Taproom


Herb Infused Raw Vinegar
Farmstead Ferments


Red Anaheim Chile Sauce
Smoked Green Jalapeno Sauce
Liberty Tree Farm


Jams & Applesauces


Pepper Jelly
Broadfork Farm


Richmond's Culinary History Seeds of Change Book


For Health Focused Friends

Put together a sampling of herbal teas and honey. Add in an herbal oil, spray or essence. It could even be themed like "A Winter Survival Kit" or "Study Aids" or "Sweet Dreams"


Black Elderberry Syrup
Good Health Herbs


Herbal Teas
Flower Essences
Uplifting Focus Mist
Forrest Green Farm


Immune Support
Cold Relief
Sleep Aid
Honey's Homemade Stuff


Good Night Roller Ball & Pillow Spray
Focus Roller Ball
Trail's End Farm


Healing Oil
Nettle Tea
Verde Natural Florals


For Coffee Lovers

Black Hand Coffee


Lions Mane Mushroom Coffee
Reishi Coffee


Vanilla Almond Biscotti
Great Harvest Bread Co


Coffee House Scented Candle
Three Hens Candle Co



Aloe Plants
Steve's Succulents


Wandering Jew
Thistledowne Farm


Succulents in Vintage Pots
Verde Natural Florals


For Man's Best Friend ...

Dog Biscuits
Beekeeping by Zen


Dog Treats
Peacemeal Farm