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Thursday, January 30th 2020. 


  Market Highlights


Don't forget that your pickup location changes this week!

New location is Canon and Draw Brewing at 1529 West Main. You can pick up between the hours of 2 PM and 8 PM on Thursday, beginning this week. 

Go for the Greens!
This is the season for fresh greens, and we have plenty!
Here's a partial list:
Baby head lettuce and pea shoots from Manakintowne Specialty Growers
Hydroponic Swiss chard and salad mix from Island Farm
Red Russian kale and romaine from Forrest Green Farm
Spinach from Commonwealth Market Growers
Napa cabbage and Brussels sprouts from Thistledowne Farm
And More!
Can we take a moment to wax poetic about the new chicken cutlet sandwich from Curds and Whey, RVA? It comes wrapped and oven-ready. Just pop it in to warm of for 20 minutes. Our Market Manager, Becky says, "The chicken is delicious, and the cheese gets melty and wonderful." Don't stop there--there are several sandwich options on the page--and each one will keep for up to a week in the fridge.
Have you tried the Pick of the Week Mini from Thistledowne Farm? It's a great value--a box full of what's best right now. Veggies galore!
This week, Dragonfly Farm has crisp, fresh White Lady turnips. Wonderful raw or cooked!
Roasted or raw, you'll love the crunchy, healthy sunchokes from Peacemeal Farm!
Chilly mornings and evenings call for hot tea! You'll love the great selections from Forrest Green Farm, including Lemon Ginger Warming Tea, and Family Friendly Cold and Flu Tea. Something for every mood and taste!
It's time for some locally-grown mushrooms from Haashrooms. You can find whatever you love best : portobella, shitake, crimini, maitaki, oyster, lions mane, and king trumpet. What a list! Can't decide? Order a mushroom mix bag!