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Thursday, February 20th, 2020. 



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 Looking for a healthy soda? Look no farther than Farmstead Ferments and their water kefir sodas! Try these naturally-fermented "sodas" that are LOW in sugar and HIGH in micro-nutrients, probiotics, enzymes and electrolytes. Plenty of tangy, tasty kraut and pickles on their page this week, too! Love your guts!
Market Highlights
 Cypress Grove Farm has a special on ground beef--buy 3, get one free! While you're on their page, check out their no-additive hot dogs.
If stir-fry is your thing, you'd better go straight to Island Farms for their crisp, fresh bok choi. Plenty of hydroponic lettuces and greens, too!
Making applesauce is easy, especially when you've got the right apples. Agriberry has what you need, and their applesauce apples are on special. Also, you might want to order those frozen blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries while they last. We hear they're going fast!
Craving a hearty sandwich? Thornebrook Farms has what you need! Grass-fed beef, sliced or shaved. Pile it on!
Thistledowne Farm has fresh apple cider in gallons and half-gallons. And check out those sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts!
If you love duck, check out Mickey&Ann's Farmette, where you'll find several choices. Lamb, too!
There's plenty of curly kale and spinach from Forrest Green Farm!


Happy shopping. There's plenty more!