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Thursday, October 29th, 2020. 




 Welcome to the Market!

Truly Scrumptious is back--with baba ganoush! Check their page for several fall favorites, including the last of the spinach & chicken cannelloni, plus the divine chicken and vegetable soup made with local squashes!
Be sure to check out the adorable and delicious blackberry flavored semi-sweet chocolate baby bats from            C-ville Candy Co! So adorable and so delicious!  And there's also pumpkin-spice honey brittle. Yum! 
Chicken livers and pork leaf fat are available this week from Commonwealth Market Growers.
Two new items are in this week from Clean Conscience Chocolates: pure dark chocolate raw superfood bark and their new survival kit.
Check Burkeville-Waverly Farm for delicious local beef--roasts and steaks look great this week!
Gorgeous, crisp radishes from Commonwealth Market Growers
Lemon berry kombucha, plus many other delicious and healthy flavors from SoulSmith Kombucha
Dragonfly Farm has tatsoi and salad turnips
Crumptown Farm has salad mix--both regular and Asian!
Owl Orchard has the perfect item for pie bakers--a mix of heirloom apples! Powhatan-grown!
Beautiful winter squash and sweet potatoes from delli Carpini Farm
Don't forget your Thanksgiving pie pre-orders from River City Bakery!
Have you tried the pork BBQ from Cypress Grove Farm?
Gear up for holiday cooking with local sunflower oil from Golden Harvest Oil.
Crisp Napa cabbage from Broadfork Farm, plus heirloom lettuces
Red Root & Company
This week, Red Root & Company was featured on the Virginia Foodie podcast! The episode is "Reconnecting with the Plant World with Corey MacDonald." You can watch our social media this weekend (@falllinefarms) to find out more and listen to one of our favorite herbalists share her wisdom! (Red Root & Co. will be back next week for orders, BTW.)
Happy Halloween!
Are you spending Halloween "in" this year? We've got some ideas for keeping it small but special!
Great Harvest Bread has a cookie decorating kit that will keep everyone entertained on Halloween! Fresh-baked cookies with all sorts of fall-themed frosting and tidbits. Use your imagination!
Another DIY treat is the family-style cannoli kit from Curds & Whey RVA. Easy to assemble and so good!
Be sure to check out the adorable and delicious blackberry flavored semi-sweet chocolate baby bats from            C-ville Candy Co!
For a treat-a-palooza of good-for-you chocolates, check out the Clean Conscience Chocolates page!
Speaking of good for you, have you tried the Agriberry oat bars? They are amazingly delicious and
We wish you a safe, happy, and delicious Halloween! Thank you for supporting local producers through our non-profit online market!
 And so much more!!