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Thursday, April 22nd, 2021. 



 Welcome to the Market!






Lettuce Introduce You to Manakintowne Specialty Growers!  


Their beautiful baby romaine is so fresh and sweet! There are also pea shoots, chervil, green garlic, lettuce by the bag, salad mix, leaf celery, microgreens, oregano, and more. Can't make up your mind? Let the farmers choose for you with the "Classic Best of the Farm" box!//We've 


  Craving Carbonara? We've Got the Goods!


 Our producers play well together--in real life and on the plate. If you're itching to make carbonara from scratch, you'll find plenty of eggs on our pages. And you can use local cheese (Hardware, from Twenty Paces) and guanciale/pancetta (from Terra di Sienna)! Use that kitchen! Cook like a chef! 


 Garden Plants Galore!
We know you're out there digging in the dirt and putting in your gardens. Every spring, our producers meet your needs with a plethora of plants--flowers, veggies, herbs--all sustainably and lovingly grown right here in Central Virginia and ready to grace your garden plot. Find something delicious or something beautiful right here on our pages! Ready to plant!


Misty Morning Sunrise Farm: Granola (7 flavors!), natural mint shampoo, all-natural lip balm, and organic kamut ancient heirloom wheat flour


Craft Bakehouse: Luscious lemon cake, strawberry-rhubarb pie, cherry-almond scones, vanilla poundcake, cookies


Salt & Pepper Farm: Pork bones, pastured eggs


Thistledowne Farm: Spring onions, Special on 2 dozen eggs, pullet eggs, tomato plants and herbs for your garden


Burkeville-Waverly Farm: pork loin chops, fatback, organic-fed eggs, pork shoulder butt


Thornebrook Farms: All grassfed! Tomahawk steaks (new!), beef short ribs (new!), beef tri-tips, plus ground beef and ground lamb


Liberty Tree Farms: Kale mix, kale rabe, lemon balm, smoked green jalapenos


Agriberry: Strawberries (limited quantity this week), BOGO frozen blueberries, apples


The Mayor Meats: Ramp sausage, currywurst, chicken Italian, whipped lard


Salsas Don Sebastian: Jalapeno dip, corn salsa, chimichurri, salsa verde, churros, flan, 3-bean salad