About Us

Fall Line Farms and Local Roots is a non-profit online farmers market in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding counties. We are a producers' co-op of small family farms and local businesses providing fresh local food year round to our members.

As a member you order when you want - there is no requirement to order every week. You shop by the item and there is NO MINIMUM ORDER. With one order and one payment, you are able to order directly from 50+ producers. 

Our farmers share with you details about their products and their practices so you can make the best decisions for your family's health and nutrition needs. Completely transparent, you will know exactly where your food is coming from and are encouraged to contact your farmers directly with questions.


How we are different

We opened in the fall of 2008 with one goal in mind, to help small farms through the challenging season ahead. Since then, we have grown and developed but never wavered from this basic focus. 

Our innovative online buying program allows small farms to sell their products as they come available at a competitive fair price that is set by them. 

There is no minimum supply required for them to sell, allowing very small start up farms to grow and expand into a larger marketplace. We like to think of ourselves as an incubator for small sustainable farms.

Because our producers share in the delivery, we are able to keep our costs low. That means more money goes back to the farms. 

We are not a reseller. When you order you are buying directly from the producers in our market.


Become a Producer

We’re excited you’re interested in becoming a producer with us. Below you will find some information that may be useful in submitting an application. Our Producers bring their orders to a shared drop off point Thursday mornings to be sorted and delivered to our various pickup sites. We work on a cooperative model with many of our producers helping with driving and sorting member orders. We find that our most successful Producers regularly communicate with our team and utilize social media in a way to expand audience.

In order to fill out an application, you will first need to have a Lulu’s account with us. Please email us if you have difficulty with this first step. If you do not, the application link will continue to direct you to the account sign up page.

Once you have an account, go to the bottom of the webpage and click on “Become a Producer”, this will take you to the Producer Application. Please be as detailed and accurate on the application as possible. Answers such as N/A under a question about food liability coverage may get your application sent back. Fall Line Farms & Local Roots requires all Producers have some food or general liability coverage and any added value item is required to be produced in a VDACS Certified kitchen as well as each item category approved.

Once an application is submitted the application is recorded and read through. If an application does not meet the before mentioned requirements it will be sent back. The Market Manager will reach out to you to confirm submission of the application and may include further information such as if your application is for a product category which has a hold placed on it for new producers, or further questions involving the information submitted.

Applications move forward once submitted to the Market Committee for review and a vote. Should the Committee vote to accept, the Market Manager will contact the Producer about the approval, schedule a site visit if applicable, and send the Producer the necessary documents. Once all documents are verified, the Market Manager will work with the Producer on when they will be able to begin to sell their products on the buying pages.

If your Producer Application gets put on ‘Hold’ it will be held there for up to two years. If it is unable to get sent to the Market Committee within that time the Market Manager will send the application back to the producer. The Producer is welcome to send an updated application in at that time if they still wish to pursue becoming a producer with us. The original application date is maintained, reapplying producers will not “go to the bottom of the list”.

FAQs: We do not have an application fee for producers. Producers must deliver their sold products Thursday mornings to the dropoff location.