How Fall Line Farms & Local Roots Works

Using our Buying Pages, you shop online with us any time between Friday at noon to Monday at midnight. You pay for your order online and then pick it up on the following Thursday afternoon at one of our Richmond area pickup locations.

Orders are delivered fresh, straight from the farms on Thursdays. Our producers share in the delivery process and we rely on volunteers to sort the orders at the pickup locations. This cooperative system allows us to keep delivery costs down to a minimum meaning more money goes back to the producers.

Since 2008, we have been providing access to fresh, local food to the Richmond community through our online farmers market program. What sets us apart? Our standards – Freshness, Traceability, Transparency – We raise the bar for the fresh, local, sustainable market.



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Our Buying Pages open each week at 12 noon Friday and remain open until 12 midnight Monday evening. Once you Register and choose a pick up location you can begin shopping. Membership options are:

One Week trial membership is $6                                   

Annual $50
Semi Annual $35
Seasonal three month $25
Monthly $12

Get a free one month membership by using the promotion code "One_Month_Free" 

RETURNING CUSTOMERS, if you are an active customer, an expired member or have a pending account with us then you are already in our system. Simply go to Log In and at the bottom of the screen choose "Request Password Reset". You will need to set up a new password to access the new site. Once you Log in, you will find that your membership is active and any outlying credits are posted to your account. Please update your contact information with us and choose a convenient pick up location and you can begin shopping at 12 noon Friday.

If you have any problems accessing your account please contact us.