Below are the times that orders are available at our pick up sites on Thursday. If you ever need to pick up earlier or later, contact us and arrangements can be made.

These times are subject to change on a week to week basis during this challenging time. 

You may receive an email or text on Wednesday or Thursday with time changes.

On the SHOP page, you'll see your pickup site you have selected. If you see a location here that's more convenient, it's EASY to change. Click on the site you're in and over to the right            the Change Pickup Locatons box pops up , select your location and then click on          Submit Choice 

Select a location BEFORE making your order.

ASHLAND - 1pm - 4pm

ATLEE - 12pm - 6pm

BELLEGRADE - 3pm - 5:45 pm

BON AIR - 3pm - 6pm

BRANDERMILL - 3pm - 6pm

BROOKVIEW - 2pm - 6pm

BURKVILLE-Waverly Farm - 3pm - 6pm

CHESTERFIELD - 3pm - 6pm

CUMBERLAND - 1pm - 5pm

FAN (Blue Bee Cidery) - 3pm - 6pm

FARMVILLE - 3pm - 6pm

FOREST HILL - (Moved to Bon Air temporaily) 3-6pm

GINTER PARK (Blue Bee) - 3pm - 6pm

GOOCHLAND - 3pm - 6pm

GROVE & LIBBIE - 1pm - 6pm



MIDLOTHIAN Village - We're back at Great Harvest Bread  2pm - 5pm

MONTPELIER - 1pm-7pm

OAKWOOD - 2pm - 6pm

SCOTT'S ADDITION (Blue Bee temporaily) - 3pm - 6pm

POWHATAN - 2pm - 6pm

STONY POINT - 3pm - 8pm

TUCKAHOE - 1pm - 8pm

TWIN HICKORY- 2pm - 8pm

WEST CREEK, Hardywood- 2pm-6pm


If you have an emergency on Thursday, pickup day, please contact us.


Thank you for shopping LOCAL!