M Henry Design

Flower grower and designer

Summer bouquets

We are back for the summer season with foraged bouquets from our gardens in Cumberland and our partners at Batteaux Blooms in Powhatan. Each bouquet is unique and vase ready for your enjoyment.

Summer bouquet special

Plenty of zinnias!

Thanks to all of our market customers for your purchases over the spring and early summer. For the next 2 weeks we have summer bouquets specifically priced at $10 for small and $15 for large. Lots of color! Each one is unique.

Late spring /Early Summer

Bucket of beauty

Snap dragons, Fever few, Ox Eye daisies, Forget me nots, Queen Anne’s Lace and Yarrow will highlight this weeks orders. We are so grateful for all of the orders placed. We continue to enjoy collecting , cultivating, caring for and creating these locally sourced bouquets.
Feeling Grateful!

Peonies are screaming

We have a plentiful plethora of pink peonies ready to fill your senses.
Consider a bouquet with these featured florals.