Rain or Shine Greenhouse Gardens

Rain or Shine Greenhouse Gardens, located in Mechanicsville, was founded when Linda Bruce decided to pursue her passion, hydroponics. With the help of her family, the first greenhouse was built in early 2005. Now from four greenhouses, she offers three varieties of lettuce, plus other hydroponic greens!
Hydroponics is a method of intensive farming. Linda harvests about 800 heads of greens per week from only 1/3 of an acre. Even though hydroponics is a soilless culture – the greens are grown using nutrients and water – actual water usage is minimal. The systems re-circulate the growing solution, and use less water than an irrigated field producing the same yield. In addition, Linda never uses pesticides. The results are clean, healthful lettuce and greens.
Rain or Shine Greenhouse Gardens is a source of nutritious locally grown produce all year round. When your order is picked, the roots of the plant are left intact, so your lettuce or greens are alive when you receive them. This means your order stays fresh in your refrigerator and retains its "just picked” flavor.