About Us

Brookview Farm LLC is owned by the Fisher family and has been in business since 1982. We raise grass-fed and fattened cattle on our 300 acres that has been put under a conservation easement. We use organic and sustainable practices in raising our beef and maintaining our farm. In 2007, Brookview Farm was awarded American Farmland Trust's Stewards of the Land.

We offer our beef retail style through the Fall Line Farms Co-op and through our onsite farm store (by appointment only). We stock wide variety of cuts of steaks, roasts, ground products, organs and bones. We use Fauquier's Finest Country Butcher Shop for processing which uses only humane practices and are USDA inspected. The beef is vacuumed sealed, labeled and frozen.

Steak Time!

We've got lots of steaks in many different sizes and cuts. Try our Rib Steak for a end of summer treat on the grill. Remember to always cook grass-fed beef slow and low.

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