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Clean Out the Freezer Sale plus New Items & Restocks

CLEAN OUT THE FREEZER SALE - We are offering 10% off (& 15% off for Boston Butts) for our current inventory to make some room for new offerings. We've added the famous IRISH BACON back into our inventory, along with regular Bacon and Ground Pork. Some NEW OFFERINGS include Maple Sausage Links, Bacon Bits, and Boerewors (a South African style griller).

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Our Family

We are a small local farm that raises all our animals compassionately in a free range forest and pasture setting between Richmond and Charlottesville. A well-balanced diet and happy environment makes for great tasting, high quality meat. We source our Non-GMO feed from a local mill, because we believe we are what we eat. Non-GMO farming is better for the planet, the animal, and for us humans.

We specialize in Berkshire hogs, a heritage breed. Berkshire meat is richly marbled and deeply flavorful - the best tasting pork on the market. It’s a slower-growing breed, giving it time to add more depth of flavor to the end product. On average, Berkshire hogs meet market weight two months after many other breeds. But, it's definitely worth the wait!! The taste is superior. These hogs are raised in the forest and on pasture, spending their time grazing, rooting and wallowing, just as nature intended. We breed our own piglets, so we know our animals are happy and healthy from their first day to their last.

All of our pork is processed at a local USDA butcher, Blue Ridge Meats in Front Royal, VA. We travel past other processors because BLM is a cut above and at Just South of Cuckoo, we're all about quality.

Our Legacy Litter Has Arrived

JoJo and her Babies :)

In early spring, our faithful boar, who helped start our farming enterprise, crossed the rainbow bridge. We loved our Napoleon and will miss him.

A few weeks after Napoleon passed, we were overjoyed when we discovered that his partner, Josephine, was pregnant.

His legacy litter was born this past weekend. Mom and piglets are doing great. The delivery was a bit complicated and I had to assist in the delivery of 2 of the nine babies.

Very exciting times at Just South of Cuckoo!!