Mickey&Ann's Farmette

We have been farming since 2002 but started sales off the farm in 2014. We raise everything on the farm naturally without chemicals or hormones. Our Chickens, Turkeys and ducks are free range, the Sheep are Dorper/Katadin cross hair Sheep and are grass fed. All live stock also receive feeds that are non-gmo.

We depend on God for the success of all our harvests and trust Him to provide all we need.

Livestock products include whole chickens, whole Turkeys, whole duck, and/or various cuts. Our lambs we sell on the hoof and can custom process them for you, so if you didn't need a whole lamb you could split it between 2-4 people. Order your lamb at 757-334-0910 or mickandannsfarmette@gmail.com.

We have produce in season in addition to our livestock. And Tilapia will soon be an available item for you.

We also have crafters items such as turkey and chicken feathers, sheepskin leather and Alpaca yarn to order.
Our Facebook page is Mickey & Ann"s Farmette Like us to stay in touch with our products and the happenings on the farm.

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