Peacemeal Farm

Peacemeal Farm is a diverse farmstead in Hadensville, VA. We grow pastured livestock, seeds, and teach sustainable homestead skills.

Just a little bit about our farming practices

We describe our farming practices as slow and sustainable. This means we plan for the long term benefit of the soil and the ecosystem that our farm is a part of. Compost is added and cover crops are grown, which are plants that are grown purely to help build soil and provide nutrients to crops planted after them. In fact we grew cover crops for a full 2 years before we planted the first vegetable seed. We focus on balancing the mineral composition of the soil which results in healthy plants and nutrient dense, unbelievably delicious produce. We manage pests by planning ahead and planting flowers and perennials to attract beneficial insects and provide a safe feeding ground for bees. We use physical barriers such as row covers to 'hide' the crops from suspected insect culprits. We also hand pick insects if necessary and only as a last resort do we turn to organically approved natural insecticides (which is not often.) Since we tolerate a small amount of insect pressure this sometimes results in produce with some cosmetic blemishes which is a trade off we're ok with since we know the crops are free of unnatural chemicals.
Livestock is treated humanely with respect. We use low stress handling when working with and around the animals. They are given access to a variety of forages in the pasture and provided ample space to do whatever comes naturally: play, run, jump, kick, flap, dustbathe, scratch, peck, dance, etc. Our hens are supplemented with a non-gmo diet to round out their diet of pasture greens and bugs.
We believe in being transparent with our farming practices and welcome any question you may have. Feel free to contact us at