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Elk Island Produce

Elk Island Produce is located on Island Farm, a beautiful 500 acre farm on the James River in Goochland County.

We have been interested in health and nutrition for many years. It is our passion to teach others how to live healthier and more productive lives. Many people are realizing that the produce they are getting in grocery stores touted as nutritious, is of inferior quality, so we decided to follow our passion for wholesome food. After researching hydroponics and market gardening concepts, and the desire to make this second generation farm productive, we decided to launch our business.

Elk Island Produce is named for the island created when the James River split and formed a 1/2 mile by 5 mile island. Our goal and commitment is to bring nutrient dense, living food to our local communities and in doing so, impact the health and wellness of our friends and neighbors.

Tim and Janice Patrick
Elk Island Produce