delli Carpini Farm

Diverse uncertified organic vegetable farm using bio-intensive bio-dynamic and row-cropping techniques. Sustainable. Bee-friendly. Only OMRI listed inputs

Autumn Goodness

Good things on the horizon. Our crop of spinach, upland cress (creasy greens) beets, carrots, turnips and arugula is flourishing.

We've been planting bushels and bushels of onions, garlic shallots and elephant garlic for next year, as well as starting six or eight different varieties of Italian onions from seed.

Another exciting thing is to find that a small crop of Morris Heading Collard is coming along. We've never had success with that before.

Broccolini should also come available around Thanksgiving.

We've got a beautiful stand of heirloom lettuce.

delli Carpini Farm on Virginia Currents

Our farm is featured as the lead-off story on Virginia Currents. Follow this link if you'd like to watch the episode.