Inventory for Manakintowne Specialty Growers

Name Description Category
A Classic Best of the Farm A growers' selection of 3 of our best greens, a seasonal veggie and 3 fresh herbs. At the peak of the season! Fruit & Produce View Details
A Manakintowne Year 2019 calendar 8 x 11 wall calendar featuring Jo's beautiful farm photography, on heavy card stock. 16 x 11, opened. You will find these hanging in the kitchens of the region's best restaurants! A co-op retail exclusive. Gardening,Gifts & Crafts View Details
Anise hyssop Lovely anise herb, great for infusions. Fruit & Produce View Details
Baby head lettuce, assorted Baby whole heads of red and green bibb and oakleaf lettuces, 4 to 6 heads per order. Fruit & Produce View Details
Baby kale Baby Curly kale is tender, delicious and ready for your salad bowl! Fruit & Produce View Details
Braising greens Just picked greens in a mix, chard, kale, and more prepare as you would any cooked greens or chopped salads for good health. Fruit & Produce View Details
Chervil Fresh springtime salad herb, delicate anise/parsley notes Fruit & Produce View Details
Chive blossoms Sweet chive flavor in this pretty edible flower. 24+ per bunch Fruit & Produce View Details
Chives Versatile, fresh and delicate onion flavor Fruit & Produce View Details
Cilantro Fresh cilantro Fruit & Produce View Details
Edible flowers Colorful and delicious garnish bouquet! Fruit & Produce View Details
Escarole Loose leaf escarole, classic Italian salad or braising greens Fruit & Produce View Details
Espelette pepper flakes Like a spicy paprika, Espelette flakes add a new dimension to your cooking. Highly prized among chefs. We use it on just about everything! Comes in a glass jar. For best flavor, keep refrigerated. Keep some in a shaker by the stove, it will quickly become your go-to for taking things up a notch! Available in a 30 gram tin or an 80 gram glass jar. Specialty & Added Value Items View Details
Fava greens Growing green tips of the fava plant! Mild, succulent and bean-y in flavor, use as you would spinach, great fresh, wilted, in a quiche or on pizza! Fruit & Produce View Details
Fennel, herb Fennel tops, bronze and green, wonderful fennel flavor for use as an herb. Fruit & Produce View Details
Fines herbes a generous bouquet of parsley, chives, dill and chervil Fruit & Produce View Details
French Sorrel Tart, refreshing taste of spring. Breaks down readily for a delicious cream soup or sauce. Great in a salad, too. Fruit & Produce View Details
Goats 'R' Us Chevre Mild and delicious goat cheese from Nottoway County, VA. Dairy & Eggs View Details
Goats 'R' Us Feta Cheese Goat feta from Nottoway County. A farm favorite, firm and delicious crumbled on a Manakintowne salad! Dairy & Eggs View Details
Greens for juicing A blend of nutritious greens for juicing, just picked for maximum nutrition. Fruit & Produce View Details
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